TECBOT, The Dark Horse Robot Brand, Leading the Era of Household Cleaning Robots 3.0

MarketWatch  •  Oct 23,2023

Recently, the dark horse robot brand TECBOT announced that it will launch a new M1 model product in October 2022, creating the world's first integrated robot with self-cleaning, sweeping, suction and mopping and without base stations. This technology includes dozens of global patents, breaking the problems of traditional robots such as "low cleaning efficiency", "hand-washing dirty mops", and "secondary pollution caused by dirty mops".

The intelligent robot industry is developing vigorously, and the global deep cleaning market has broad prospects.

In recent years, the smart cleaning market has become more and more popular, and household smart cleaning appliances have been iterated and updated continuously. Home service robot brands, such as Ecovacs, iRobot, Neato, Tecbot, Dyson, Roborock, etc., have their own unique characteristics. The truth Behind the popularity is the technological transformation and optimization and upgrading of global intelligent manufacturing in recent years.

The market of household cleaning robots is booming with Continuously emerging category innovations.

Throughout the overall development of the global sweeping robot industry, it has gone through three development stages: the initial 1.0 era of the industry is represented by iRobot and Ecovacs, with natural sales and traditional channels as the mainstay; the 2.0 stage is represented by brands such as Roborock, focusing on segmented product innovation and creating brand differentiation.; At present, it has entered the 3.0 stage with high integration and intelligence as the main product development direction, led by young black technology brands such as TECBOT, focusing on subdivided consumer scenarios and core user experience.

Intelligent cleaning technology continues to develop, and the category of self-cleaning robots is growing rapidly.

With the iteration of self-cleaning technology, mopping products have risen in the global cleaning appliance market, the most representative of which are self-cleaning mopping robots and washing machines. The proportion of self-cleaning mopping has increased from 11% in 2020 to 45%, and reached 69% and 60.3% in November and December 2021, showing a multiple growth. In terms of growth rate, ordinary robots show a negative growth trend, which fully confirms that self-cleaning floor mopping products have officially entered the consumer's field of vision and gradually achieved replacement, becoming the leading product in the market.

TECBOT, a dark horse robot brand, emerges from the circle with differentiated product strength.

Since its establishment, TECBOT, a pioneering brand of category innovation, has attracted the attention of many medias, consumers and peers around the world with its dazzling product innovation capabilities, showing a rapid development trend. TECBOT is deeply engaged in the field of home intelligent manufacturing, committed to the research and development of various revolutionary technology products. IAdhering to the ultimate product concept, TECBOT focuses on home service robots. The initial products are mainly clean collaborative robots, which are positioned as scene iterative experiments and semi-commercial applications., mainly used for consumer big data feedback and commercial application testing before brands enter the market. As of August 2022, TECBOT has been deployed in nearly 110 countries around the world, mainly engaged in the deep cultivation of regional market segments on the B-side, dedicated to user experience and scenario-based marketing, and extensively collected user experience feedback around the world. It is the first brand in the industry that incorporates ordinary users, B-end channel partners, and R&D engineers into product development.

TECBOT focuses on new markets and new experiences, and is committed to creating new scenarios, new technologies, and new processes. The representative works are S series and M series. Among them, M1, cutting-edge work of global industry category innovation, integrates the technology of sweeping and mopping, no base station, and in-situ self-cleaning of mop, and it is a breakthrough in the integration technology of the entire category of sweeping robots in the world.

In addition, TECBOT's popularity and attention on mainstream social media at home and abroad such as Tik Tok, Facebook, and ins have also been on the rise, and have been widely praised by consumers. After three years of exploration, TECBOT has been accumulating and developing, leading the era of household efficient cleaning robots 3.0 with innovative products and extreme user thinking.